Monday, November 12, 2012

Weddings and Surprises

This past weekend was a very, very fun one. Full of love, trickery, and surprises.

In January/February of  2011, I was invited to be with the missionaries while they taught a wonderful girl, Molly. She was a fun, loving, and very eager to learn. She was a great example to me (and still is). She was soon baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fast-forward to November 10, 2012. Molly Malim and Dallin Weeks were sealed for time and all eternity in the Rexburg, ID LDS temple. I am so proud of her and have so much love for them. I haven't been to a sealing for a wedding since Jordan and I were married April 6, 2012. I was a mess. I cried because of my happiness for Molly and her eternal companion and for my eternal marriage. I was able to really listen to what was said, the covenants we make in marriage, and remember the promises I made. I have a strong testimony of eternal families and that knowledge brings me such joy.                             
Mmm he's handsome.
GORGEOUS cake, huh?

Had to make their gift by hand. Gotta love the burlap. 

Next part of the story. My husband, Jordan, is from Arizona and lives and dies for their teams. Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Coyotes, and last but certainly not least, the Suns. I have THE HARDEST time when it comes to birthdays and this year was no exception. Jordan's birthday isn't until November 21 but I thought an early present might be good this year. Thanks to the help from my brother-in-law, Casey, I was able to learn that the Suns would be in SLC this weekend playing the Jazz. I bought tickets to the game and a hotel room in SLC for the night.

Here's where a little deception comes in. After Molly and Dallin's sealing, I knew I had to pack the car without Jordan knowing about our little adventure. I lied to him, told him that he smelled bad and that he really needed to take a shower. During this time, I packed everything into a little backpack and put that into the car. We then went in our church clothes to the new couple's ring ceremony and luncheon. I took the keys and started to drive home. I "accidentally" went south instead of north and then I "accidentally" missed the next 4 off ramps to turn around. At that point, he asked what was going on. I told him that my friend Emily had gotten two extra tickets to a play and that I had to kidnap him because I thought he wouldn't go. We were meeting her in Provo and would go to SLC to see the play, stay at her place and go to church with her. He asked me if I brought extra clothes, deodorant, glasses/contact solution, etc. I told him that I completely forgot to bring anything else (but of course I didn't). He complained a little about having to be in church clothes all weekend but thanked me for a fun getaway(he is way too nice).

It KILLED me to drive 3.5 hours and still have to keep in the real truth. When we were almost to SLC, to told him to open the glove compartment--two tickets to the Suns game popped out. He was very, very surprised and excited. I told him that I had everything packed and was a little offended that he thought I would be so dumb to forget the essentials.

(We ran into Jord's cousin Lucy at the game!)

The game was fun--we lost. We saw Skyfall--amazing. This weekend was a HUGE accomplishment for me because I can't keep stuff like that in. I am loud and so excited that I have to tell. He didn't know a thing. Happy Early Birthday Jordan, I love you so much. But guess what?



  1. love your blog! so sweet :)

  2. oh! how wonderful for you to be there & experience that. she looked GORGEOUS.