Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Time

So after a long, long time I'm finally beginning the journey of weight loss. For real. I'm not posting this seeking for sympathy or compliments or anything. I'm posting this for me. I'm posting this as the first real step. I've told myself time and time again that I would exercise on a daily basis and watch what I eat BUT I love food and I am lazy. I am going to work on both of those things.

With these pictures, I'm posting them to embarrass myself, to motivate me. 
July 2009

This is March 2010. Somewhere between 118-121lbs. And helloooo tan!
This is at a wedding in December, just 3 weeks ago. Gross. BEYOND gross.
(Ignore the nast pushed back bangs)

I have managed to maintain a constant weigh for about 6 years. Since our engagement in Dec 2011, I have gained 15 pounds. I don't know whether to blame it on marriage, birth control or what.

 I just know to blame myself.

My BMI is .3 away from overweight. I am THREE pounds from being overweight.

This should have started before it started. But I'm beginning now. My fitness Pinterest board, fitness apps and workout clothing are finally going to go to some use.

Just watch me, I'm going back and beyond what I was. I will be healthy and I will be happy with myself.

That's what I want. 

That's my goal.

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  1. hey girl i was the same weight till my first semester in college. gained 10. then scott and i got engaged and married and in that time gained 25 pounds!hahah and then after having a baby. i am officially 58 pounds over what i need to be. having a hard time being strong. glad we are doing this together. excited to read about it and get motivated from you. it is hard. i want to hear what health tips your doing. proud of you.