Sunday, October 27, 2013

She's Almost Here!

Okay so I realized that it's been a good five and a half months since I last wrote an entry and because baby girl should be here in SEVEN WEEKS I figured today was blog day (finally).

Here's a little summary about what's been going on with us these last few months... 

So I graduated in July with my BS in Health Science and about two weeks later, we moved from Rexburg to Layton, Utah for Jordan's internship. Jordan works right now at Hill Air Force Base as an Electronics Engineer testing F-16 fighter pilot components. He's living out a childhood dream of working with planes so he's happy. I debated on whether or not to get a job while we are here in Layton but because I would be so close to having a baby and would be moving in December anyway, we decided it would be best for me to stay at home. So what have I been doing? Crafts. Netflix. Baking. Shopping. Pinterest. Not the most exciting life but I do what I can to keep myself entertained. 

Jordan will continue to work until baby girl is born and we will move back to Rexburg about a week after Christmas so Jordan can finish school. Just about four semesters left. Hallelujah. And as long as Jordan completes the required internship hours, he'll be offered a permanent job after graduation. So April 2015 we will head back to Utah and live here for a while. 

Okay so here's a few things about how pregnancy has been going these past seven and a half months...

In hindsight, I wish I had done a much better job at taking a belly picture on the same side and same angle and everything. Oh well, I guess I know better for baby numero dos. 

Nausea. My best friend. During my first trimester I HATED being pregnant and when all those moms and pregnant ladies kept saying "I loved being pregnant. It is fantastic! I want to be pregnant forever!" I just wanted to punch them. I now realize that every woman's pregnancy is different and punching isn't nice. The things that did help my nausea were Sea Bands (thanks to my mother-in-law), ginger candies, ginger-ale, and naps. Nothing else really did the trick. For me, I kind of just had to ride it out. After the first trimester was over, nausea subsided and pregnancy was alright. 

Brain. So people, pregnancy brain is a REAL thing. And it is always interesting. I've left my purse in my shopping cart, put the cart away, and went home (thankfully my purse was still there when I returned. Thank you Rexburg). Forgotten minor and major details in every little thing and even more that I can't even remember. The best one though was when I went to Rocklin for Emily Shields Merrell's wedding. She was getting ready in the waiting room bathroom to take bridals and I was waiting outside. I went inside to use the bathroom as they were leaving(PS I have to pee allthetime). I used the bathroom, washed my hands, and as I'm looking around, I notice men's clothing and a urinal. I would have sworn that was the bathroom that everyone just came out of but as I start to leave, a male temple worker enters wide-eyed and confused. It clicks. I realize what I did. I speed away in embarrassment because yes, I totally just used the men's room in the temple. Man, my brain loves me. 

Baby kicks. I had friends who were able to feel their little ones as early as 16 weeks and I was at 22 weeks before I felt anything from baby girl. It's my favorite thing in the world. This feeling alone makes me realize that I may miss pregnancy and I feel a little bad for wanting to punch those women who loved their pregnancy. At 33 weeks, she is finally rolling a little more and not kicking and punching as much. My belly looks a little lopsided because baby girl likes to hang out on my right side. She likes to hide from Jordan when I tell him to feel. He gets a little sad but I think it's hilarious.  

Heartburn/Acid Reflux/Indigestion. Whatever it was--to me, this was almost worse than nausea. I read every tip to avoid it but no matter what I ate, how much I ate, and when I ate, heartburn came. I couldn't sleep and it made me throw up quite a bit. Super fun. Thankfully I got Alka-Seltzer Gold (the gold kind is without Aspirin)and that helped a bit. It is disgusting but hey, whatever works. And thankfully my doctor gave me some medicine that has made it almost disappear. Thank heavens.   

Heat. I'm hot allthetime. Poor, poor Jordan has to live with me. A few weeks ago, I had a fan on me while we slept, the AC on and it snowed. My bad. And I'm sorry but church is the worst. Our building is always 110 degrees and uncomfortable. For the first time, I cannot wait for winter to come and finally cool me down.

Stretch marks. Hi, my name is Tess and I want to cry almost every time I see those hellish red lines. I figured there is no use in trying to get rid of them now while I'm still growing but if anyone has tips on how to get rid of them. Please share.

Okay so this last one may be a bit personal and a little TMI but this is what's coming on in the next week. I guess you could say I've been having some "potty problems". After a super fun stool sample at a doctor's visit, they found nothing wrong. My doc sent me to a gastroenterologist and guess what I get to do on Wednesday? That's right, a sigmoidoscopy (aka lower colonoscopy). Woohoo. I'm not 50, I don't need one of these. Okay so I'm actually really scared and don't want to do this but it's for my own good so I shouldn't complain. Just hopefully it all goes well. 

I miss roughhousing and bending over and seeing my toes but those will all pass. It all will. I'm sorry to complain so much about everything, but I should say that I am very grateful for all that is going on. I would endure everything ten times worse just for my baby girl. 

Overall, I'm just grateful that baby girl has been healthy throughout my pregnancy and that she's so close to being here. Jordan and I are both thrilled and can't wait until our precious baby girl gets here. Our lives will change forever in ways that we can't even comprehend yet but we know it will change for the better and we can't wait until the day we can hold our sweet Baby Bean. 

December 15th cannot come soon enough:)

Here she is at 31 weeks. Healthy and happy!
 (And growing a week ahead of schedule)


  1. I love this! Haha I work at a gastroenterologist's office, and don't worry, a sigmoidoscopy really is not bad at all! Not painful, and the doctors do a good job at keeping people comfortable :)